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Matteo BorrottiChief Executive Officer

Davide De MarchBusiness Manager

Michele ForlinProject Manager

EvoSolutions S.r.l. is an independent consulting company offering a range of services in the fields of optimization, experimental planning, intelligent data mining, and high dimensional systems analysis. EvoSolutions provides optimal solutions that are easy and cheap to achieve, and allow a great saving of resources. Our mission is to technologically transfer these cutting-edge methodologies to industrial and research partners, tackling their business challenges and thus enhancing their competitiveness.The knowledge acquired in methodological and applied statistics as well as in engineering and information technology let us to develop new innovative combined techniques to complex real-world settings.

EvoSolutions offers to their research and industrial clients, intelligent and decisive solutions for their business challenges.
EvoSolutions is a spin-off of the University of Venice (www.unive.it), and develops collaborations with the European Centre of Living Technology (ECLT – www.ecltech.org).


The core of our services is based on new evolutionary methodological approaches, developed by combining standard evolutionary computation and advanced statistics. These approaches are able to face the complexity of high dimensional and nonlinear systems and to identify much more reliable information. As a consequence, our support allows the reduction of time and costs to reach your goal together with a better quality of the results. We mainly focus on:
We build and applies intelligent techniques to efficiently explore the search space with the final aim at finding optimal solutions saving time and costs. Our experience and approaches have shown impressive results when applied to optimization problems. We applie cutting-edge stochastic strategies to solve high dimensional optimization problems.


Advanced statistical analysis
The availability of massive amount of data reshapes the classical statistical thinking and data analysis. Data Mining (for small and large databases) helps to extract essential information for your business: often companies collect a huge amount of data where a lot of information is hidden and difficult to capture.

Design of experiment
Design of Experiments (DoE) encloses statistical methodologies dedicated to discover best parameter settings to enhance existing products or to develop new ones. Parameters are usually defined accordingly to the researchers’ experience only with the rule of “try and try again” until some experiments are considered good enough.


Il testo ancora non è pronto. Molto probabimente ci sarà una presentazione dei prodotti realizzati.
Per adesso, presentazione di Stat4people:
cosa è questo programma e come funziona.
Link alla pagina di Stat4people.
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